john-mitchell TriMyRace.com is the premier online database for worldwide multi-sport long course racing. TriMyRace.com provides complete and accurate data for 200+ on and off-road long-course triathlons in 30 different countries spanning 6 continents. As a competitor, you can rely on the data to help you make an informed decision about which events to add to your race calendar.

Each competitor has an ideal type of race course befitting their individual strengths. Perhaps you prefer a hilly course in hot and humid conditions? Meanwhile, your training partner would rather race on a flat and fast course in an arid climate. Or maybe you are looking for an iron-distance race with a wetsuit ocean swim in Europe in the month of August? What about an iron distance race offering a swim in a down current river with a time trial start?

With entry fees of some of the most popular races approaching $1,000, it is more important than ever to select a race that offers you the best opportunity to reach your goal. Whether your goal is a podium finish, set a new PR, or simply just to finish a race, TriMyRace.com is here to help you.

TriMyRace.com provides a multitude of data points such as elevation gain, climate, water temperature and much more. For answers to most of the popular questions please refer to the FAQs.

What are you waiting for? Start your search now for a race designed with YOU in mind!

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